Tails From The Zoo

Boo gets underway October 15, 2008

Filed under: Special Events — Scott Gray @ 9:45 pm

The Zoo Society’s annual Safeway Boo at the Zoo, a Manitoba tradition for 13 years, starts tomorrow. Staff were scurrying around the Assiniboine Park Zoo in frienzied excitement, putting the finishing touches on Frights, Frogs and Fairtytales. Please remember that Frightening Fridays is aimed at bigger kids. If you’ve got kids who scare easily we suggest you come on a regular day or for the real little ones, visit us on Toddler Tuesdays when we crank up the Fairytales and wee-folk fun.

I was out and about today and am itching to get on one of the kids rides (hmmm, I might be a bit too tall) including a fun house, ferris wheel and carousel. Stay tuned for updates on the event or just come out and see it yourself. Over 50,000 people visited over the two week run last year – get your tickets soon!


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