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Zoo Enrichment Group wins Boomer Ball Contest November 26, 2008

Filed under: Zoo Animals — Scott Gray @ 10:03 am

The Behavioural Enrichment Committee recently won a contest from the Boomer Ball company. Basically the contest was looking for photos of animals having a wonderful time playing with a Boomer Ball. It turns out that quite a few of our zoo’s animals like these toys and getting a good picture wasn’t hard. The final winning picture was of Kendra, our Siberian (Amur) tiger, playing with her red planet ball.

Kendra the tiger loves her new red planet ball

Kendra the tiger loves her new red planet ball

For more information on Boomer Balls – you can visit http://www.boomerball.com where they make non-toxic heavy-duty balls, mazes, ice floes and other devices for animals even as large as hippos, camels, bears and lions.

This type of toy is just one of the many ways the staff at the Assiniboine Park Zoo are keeping their animals healthy and happy through animal enrichment. I’ll highlight some of the other activities we use over the coming months – plus, look for a special Christmas enrichment event coming up at the zoo.


4 Responses to “Zoo Enrichment Group wins Boomer Ball Contest”

  1. Jo Leigh Buckner Says:

    Hi my name is Jo Leigh Buckner and I was wondering if you would let me use this picture for a project in my computer class. It would be greatly apprecitated.

  2. Laurent Elodie Says:

    Hi, my name is Elodie, I’m a french veterinary student and I’m currently working on my thesis about environmental enrichment. Would you also let me use your picture as an illustration for boomer balls, and if so, who shall I cite as an author ?

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