Tails From The Zoo

Year of the Frog Signs December 5, 2008

The Assiniboine Park Zoo, the Zoological Society of Manitoba, Nature North and many others have done their part to help further promote frog conservation around Manitoba. Year of the Frog is coming to an end on the calendar only. Zoos around the world are continuing the work that they started in 2008 so that no momentum is lost in the fight to save as many species of amphibians from extinction as possible.

For our part, the Zoological Society secured funding for new amphibian interpretive signs. These 15 signs will not only be displayed throughout the Assiniboine Park Zoo, but copies of them will are being distributed throughout Manitoba. You can get your first view of the new signs at Nature North: http://www.naturenorth.com/Zoo/zoo_amphibians.html

Thanks so much to Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Innovations Fund for providing funding to expand the project province wide and to Doug Collicutt for providing support through his wonderful nature site.

The new amphibian signs will be on display at the zoo and around the province, just in time for spring.


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