Tails From The Zoo

Happy Migratory Bird Day! May 14, 2009

I hope everyone will take an opportunity to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day by visiting the park, the zoo, the country or just spending a bit of time in your back yard over the next few days.

Many of Manitoba’s birds have returned for the spring breeding season. In fact, many have already set up territories and begun nesting. Others are just getting started. Here at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, our turkeys, eagles and waterfowl are all busy nesting while our peafowl are just getting into the swing of things this week. The zoo has hundreds of wonderful birds to see and learn about including roseate spoonbills, hornbills, vultures, parrots, cuckoos, three species of eagle, three species of ibis, two species of flamingo, several species of pheasants and tragopans, seven species of owls, many different kinds of doves and pigeons and several types of cranes and storks. And that’s just a short list!

Even a walk through Assiniboine Park will keep your binoculars busy as you watch for woodpeckers, flickers, chickadees, thrushes, warblers-a-plenty, hawks, gulls, sparrows and swallows.

I hope everyone will take time this week to discover at least a few of the 462 species of bird that make Canada a Mecca for nature enthusiasts! A couple of good birding sites are listed below to help you find out about the birds that you might see in your province. And remember that the Zoo Society’s Education Department can keep your school or group entertained with our Di-Bird-sity program and our Owl Prowl program. Visit www.zoosociety.com for more information.






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