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Baikal Arrives June 8, 2009

A new male Siberian tiger, named Baikal, arrived at the Assiniboine Park Zoo this past weekend to replace our current male, named Fedor. Fedor was originally brought in from the Calgary Zoo to mate with Kendra, here on long-term loan from the St. Louis Zoo.  Unfortunately, Fedor never took a liking to Kendra and they never mated. Fedor is being shipped out to a new zoo this week.

It is hoped that Baikal, who it at the top of the Species Survival Program’s studbook, will enjoy her company more. But don’t expect a quick romance; the introductory period will require a number of months before they are placed together. Keep an eye out for more news (and pictures) of Baikal’s arrival on this blog and out website, zoosociety.com.


On a side note, the Assiniboine Park Zoo participates in over 60 international breeding programs for species at risk.


4 Responses to “Baikal Arrives”

  1. jan bjorklund Says:


    I was just curious. I was at the zoo on July 6, 2009 and I took pictures of two tigers on display at the time in their enclosures. I was wondering which was one was Baikal and what was the other tiger (I assume it was Kendra since you mention that Fedor was being shipped out).

    I’m assuming that Baikal was the tiger in the glass fronted enclosure and that Kendra was the tiger in the wire mesh enclosure.

    I was posting pictures of the tigers on an online photo site and I would just like to be correct in naming the two tigers that I photographed.

    Thank you!

    jan bjorklund

    • Scott Gray Says:

      Hi there,
      Both tigers have a front of glass but Baikal uses his quite a bit as it’s right in from of his outdoor sleeping den so I believe you’ve got the two correctly identified. I’m glad you had a chance to visit the tigers and our zoo and hope you will get a chance to see some young Amur tigers in the coming years.

  2. Lily Says:

    Just wondering if you’ve introduced Baikal and Kendra yet and if so how that went? It will be exciting to welcome more of these beautiful endangered species.

    • Scott Gray Says:

      Baikal and Kendra have been introduced, but only from a safe distance. They have not yet met physically. They see each other, smell each other and communicate with each other. Things are going well so far but it’s always slow with the big cats. Our new male snow leopard Yashin is in the same boat, getting a slow introduction to our female, named Lasha. I expect by mid fall both males will be introduced. We’ll keep you updated.

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