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Bear Stories at the Zoo June 8, 2009

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Winnipeg welcomed Else Poulsen, Canadian bear behaviourist and former zoo keeper at the Calgary and Detroit Zoos, this past weekend. Else was in town for the first time to promote her book “Smiling Bears” and to share her stories with zoo visitors.

I had an opportunity to tour Else around the Assiniboine Park Zoo on Saturday morning. We spent quite a bit of time in the bear exhibits and I had a wonderful, personal introduction to Else’s vast bear knowledge and experience. Else also spent time talking to many of the zoo keepers and providing insights about animal enrichment and animal care.

If you missed Else bear presentation on Saturday evening but would still like to read her stories, her book “Smiling Bears” can be found at McNally Robinson booksellers. I would also like to wish Else the best of luck as she begins a new job managing the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (www.aspenvalleywildlifesanctuary.com)

The Zoological Society is looking at developing a monthly “Speaker Series” as many of us feel that networking with other zoo and animal professionals is not only good for staff, but will be of interest to zoo members and visitors. Keep an eye on our website (www.zoosociety.com) in the fall.


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