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New changes and animals at the zoo July 30, 2009

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Here’s a quick update with a few of the changes that have happened with the animal collection at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

  • Lots of pronghorn babies have appeared this week. An elk and a European bison were also born over the last week. You may be wondering if this baby is Conrad’s. Yes it is. Bison cows have a gestation period of over 260 days and since Conrad was the only breeding male for the group, this baby would have been conceived back in 2008.
  • Nearly half of the lion-tailed macaque group has been moved out of the zoo. These perenially favourite monkeys were shipped out today to make room for the group that now remains at the zoo. Our group was the largest in the world in captivity but was at max capacity for the size of the exhibit.
  • Our male Matchie’s tree kangaroo passed away last week. The APZ recieved tree kangaroos back in 1994 after the popular Winnipeg Down Under promotion, which saw koalas make a brief appearance in Winnipeg. Because we could not keep the koalas (they were on loan from another zoo), we got the tree kangaroos as a replacement. Our tree kangaroos did mate over the years and successfully raised several young. The zoo still has a female tree kangaroo along with a large mob of red kangaroos and a small mob of wallabies.

tree kangaroo

  • Our peafowl have finally started raising a new batch of peachicks after a late start. While I haven’t seen very many, several females are leading their babies through the zoo on an endless quest for food.
  • The lion exhibit is really coming together and you can really get a good sense of what it will look like now that most of the framing is finished.

I’ll try to keep you updated as changes continue over the summer or you can visit us at the zoo and see for yourself!


One Response to “New changes and animals at the zoo”

  1. Nancy Marshall Says:

    How is Rooby doing? My 86 year old mother here in Ontario is very interested, as am I.

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