Tails From The Zoo

New Zoo Radio Segment on CJOB 68 December 4, 2009

The Zoological Society of Manitoba’s Education Department recently began a new weekly zoo segment on CJOB’s Weekend Wakeup show, every Sunday morning at 7:15 am.

Weekend Wakeup Show with Chris Reid

Join Chris Reid for The Weekend Wakeup Show on CJOB 68! From news, sports, entertainment to what’s happening in your community, Chris covers it all. With kids riddles on Saturday morning and birthdays & anniversary wishes on Sunday, you won’t want to miss a moment of The Weekend Wakeup Show. And hey, it’s a part of your balanced breakfast!

Each week, Chris and Education Director, Scott Gray wil be discussing a new zoo animal along with new happenings at the zoo. Scott will also be posting an animal review the following week, with extra information about the animals discussed on the program. To date we’ve done two segments, the first featuring Steller’s sea eagles, the second featuring Amur tigers. This weekend we will be featuring Arctic foxes. Stay tuned every Sunday at 7:15 am.


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