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Biodiversity and Saving Animals January 13, 2010

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“Starting Monday, celebrations and events across the world will highlight the beginning of the UN’s Year of International Biodiversity and the loss of our richly varied flaura and fauna, which is estimated to be as high as 1,000 times the natural rate as a result of human activities.”

Read the full article, by Robert Bloomfield of The Guardian here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/cif-green/2010/jan/11/biodiversity-year-of-international-biodiversity


“Biodiversity is integral to our daily lives.”

That is one of the core reasons for my joining the Manitoba’s Biodiversity Network in 2008. But the past couple of years have just been a warm up. Manitoba’s Bio-net plans on being very busy through out 2010 to celebrate International Year of Biodiversity. Stayed tuned to this blog throughout the year for all sorts of biodiversity information, links, resources and more. You can also find additional information about our group’s efforts on www.naturenorth.com, a wonderful site listing even more wildlife resources and articles on nature and biodiversity.


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