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Waldo the Grizzly Dies at 36 April 19, 2010

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Waldo the grizzly bear, who lived at the Assiniboine Park Zoo for many of his 36 years, passed away in his sleep in his hibernating den, late last week. Waldo was a favourite of zoo visitors, along with his sister Hilda, who died three years ago at age 33. They were both orphaned in 1974 near Banff, Alberta, and the cubs were shipped to Winnipeg from the Calgary Zoo later that year.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo has housed grizzlies since 1951, including 12 cubs that were born before Hilda and Waldo arrived.

“Waldo will be missed by the many zoo staff that cared for him over the years, and by the hundreds of thousands of visitors who enjoyed watching him interact with Hilda, and dive into the pool for apples”, said zoo staff in today’s press release

Waldo the grizzly bear

Waldo the grizzly bear - 1974 to 2010



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