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Zoo’s New Young Lions Impress Visitors June 9, 2010

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The Assiniboine Park Zoo’s new young lion pair are proving to be a real hit with visitors. Combined with an all new interpretive building, the lion pavilion is expected to be a busy place this summer.  Xerxes and Kaya are still getting used to each other but have definitely claimed their new home as a great place to roam.

Our young male explores the trees outside

Male lion

Our young female establishes her space in the inside viewing area

Female lion

Photos by Darlene Stack, Zoo Photographer


2 Responses to “Zoo’s New Young Lions Impress Visitors”

  1. canuck nanooks Says:

    We went to see the lions and Xerxes pounced on the glass and startled the daylights out of us…then he yawed, slid down and rolled over on his back looking for a belly rub….total ham!

    where else can you get nose to nose with a lion? Beautiful display….

  2. cheryl Says:

    I was just at the zoo to see the lions and got some good photos of Kaya, lying outside and tried to get some good photos of Xerxes, not as easy when he’s right up against the glass and breathing on it. He did jump up against the glass.a couple of time..and then lied down on that bench. Both animals are beautiful and I will definately be back to see them again. How old are they ?
    oh I posted some photos on my website already…
    they are under the animals category and winnipeg zoo gallery…

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