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Zoo Baby Update June 11, 2010

Filed under: New Animals/Births,Zoo Animals — Scott Gray @ 5:38 pm

We are getting lots of questions from zoo visitors and school groups about what animals are having babies this year. Well, June is a great time of year to visit our new additions, which includes offspring from the following species:

Wisent (European bison)

Stone’s sheep (a thin horned sheep from the northern Rockies)

Alpine ibex (a species of wild Eurasian goat)

Ring-tailed lemurs

Reindeer (six of them!)

Golden eagles

Black-tailed prairie dogs

Pronghorn (pictured below)

Newborn Pronghorns

We also have lots of “non-zoo” animals that make the zoo their home to raise a family. Those that have had babies that you can see this year include Canadian geese, Richardson’s ground squirrel, wood ducks, and several species of frogs (lots of tadpoles in our ponds).


2 Responses to “Zoo Baby Update”

  1. Scott Dryburgh Says:

    During our visit to Winnipeg on the long weekend we visited the zoo. It was an enjoyable walk along familiar paths, by familiar animals in their enclosures. It was nice to see some new buildings and additional animals. One disappointment was the Australian animal area that has fallen into disrepair. A broom to knock down the cobwebs at the entrance, some paint and the removal of the rotting derelict building that is on site would improve the experience.

    • Scott Gray Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed your visit! As for the Australian area, the reason the buildings are not being painted is because they are being removed in early 2011 to make room for the new polar bear and Arctic animal enclosures.

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