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Bear Shelter August 18, 2009

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For anyone who has been to the Assiniboine Park Zoo over the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed that our male grizzly has been moved.  Waldo was moved over to the former polar bear exhibit temporarily while zoo staff do a few repairs on his enclosure and, more fun for Waldo, build a new wooden sunshelter for him. Walso will return to his regular space once the big log shelter is finished.

This shelter is one of many animal enrichment projects that the Enrichment Committee has initiated over the past few months. Many of the changes are not always obvious to the human visitor but are extremely important for the animal that lives at the zoo. Work has been done to improve badger and wolverine enclosures as well as the native water birds, Eurasian red squirrels, takin and many more. As a member of this committee, I am very proud of the work that has happened and know that the animals are benefitting immensely from their newly enriched living quarters. But while I’m a committee member, the real work has been done by the many zookeepers that are an integral part of the  enrichment group as well as other keeping staff who have hopped on board to make the exhibits more enjoyable to live in.

Kudos to everyone and here’s hoping Waldo likes his new addition!

If you would like to help out the animals too, our enrichment group will be hosting a giant zoo garage sale on Saturday September 12, 2009 from 9 am to 2 pm at the South Gate entrance on Corydon Ave. Everyone is welcome!