Tails From The Zoo

Geocaching at the Zoo December 12, 2008

When I first heard about geocaching, I was a bit perplexed. My first reaction to it was that it seemed like an odd hobby. Then I realized it was actually a high tech scavenger hunt that got participants to explore their city, their parks and their province or state. Didn’t sound quite as odd anymore. In fact, it sounded like a great way for youth groups, families and schools to be active!

Lead by two very active and enthusiast Geocachers and zoo supporter, I got the Zoological Society involved, and along with the Manitoba Geocaching Association, worked to set up and launch a series of eight fun new caches throughout the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Revealed in June of 2008, these special zoo caches were themed around endangered species and their conservation. The Zoo Education Centre was thrilled to be able to get its message of conservation out to a new audience. We all saw this as a great way for families, groups and individuals to learn about animals while either being introduced to Geocaching or giving experienced cachers a chance to add eight finds to their list (assuming you find them all!)

We were thrilled but the response we had, not only at the launch but at the continued interest in the series. If you haven’t been to the Assiniboine Park Zoo to find the caches, don’t delay. We are planning on a new series for 2009 and the old group will be removed. The new group of caches will be launched in the spring.

Visit www.mbgeocaching.ca for more information and www.geocaching.com to get your cache coordinates. Please note that zoo admission is required for entry (always free for Zoo Society members) and no caches are located in “off-limit” areas.

Remember, geocaching is winter friendly, as is the Assiniboine Park Zoo and our caches. Happy Geocaching!